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Beneath this Mask

Comics Snob?

There is an Idea

Comics Snob?

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Anyway, I've been reading about comic book fandom and have been speared by a chapter in "Comic Book Culture" wherein my specific type of fandom is considered elitist by the author.  This bugs me a lot. 
Thinking (which is my favorite passtime) about it..am I?  Am I a snob?  Well, too much navel-gazing isn't good for anyone.  LOL.  Since this site is about Art, Literature and Love, I though I would share an experience I had last summer.  Andrew Paquette, a local artist, and comic book illustrator, got a job teaching graphic arts in Europe.  Amsterdam, I believe.  His new housing overseas was going to be small, so he decided to sell some of his art:   What he still had left  of his originals, and the comic art he had accumulated during his career.  So he came to us.  My supervisor and I are the buyers for the district, so this was going to be a very enjoyable afternoon.

I did the background research on Mr. Paquette before he showed up, then he arrived with his portfolio and we spread it all out over three large tables.  So exciting.  He had almost all the pages of one issue of Harsh Realm.  He had over 300 pieces, some Kirby and Byrne included.  While my supervisor was looking up those scary pieces, Mr. Paquette and I had a nice chat.  He appologized several times for being so talkative...I kept reassuing him that it was ok...I asked him why he was so uncomfortable talking so much, and what he said to me has to be the nicest thing anyone has ever said.  I don't remember it verbatim, but he said that it was so nice to talk to people who obviously knew WHAT he was talking about, and were as enthusiastic about comic art as he was.  Yes, ....I vaguely remember mentioning "pencils" and "splash pages" and "blue lines" and jargon like that...and yes, we discussed other artists, and even other art fields.  He was very animated (pun intended) and I enjoyed listening to him talk and tell of his adventures, pointing out where he got some of his art, what he was thinking when he did his own.  It was a fabulous afternoon.  It took two hours to come up with an offer for him, and he accepted it.  Thanks to Mr.  Paquette, I bought some wonderful original art.  More than that, I remember the conversation, the discussion of comic art, the market, the relationship of artists to consumers, to producers, to gallery owners, everything.  It was one of the BEST afternoons I have ever had, and when he left us, he thanked us sincerely for the conversation as well.

Yes, there is an aspect to comic fandom maybe just a tad sideways from fanboys in the comic shops arguing over who is stronger, Hulk or Superman...LOL

*holds head up*  I am not a snob, I am just over 40.  LOL

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